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CS is very pleased to announce that FIDELITY INVESTMENTS is the newest member of our Industrial Partners Program. Although there are many diverse businesses under the Fidelity umbrella, CS will be associated mostly with the Smithfield operation and FCAT, the Fidelity Center for Applied Technology, an important part of Fidelity's continuing commitment to technology.

FCAT serves as a bridge linking Fidelity's technology resources with business executives who seek practical "high-tech" solutions to critical business problems. It also provides an environment in which Fidelity's business and technology leaders and staff can explore advanced technologies such as biometrics (using unique biological markers, such as a fingerprint, voice or retinal scan, as a means of identification) and evaluate their practical business applications.

In August, Professors Black, Charniak, Herlihy, Tamassia and Zdonik made an initial visit to Fidelity's Boston location to discuss their research. This meeting and Brown's propensity for cross-disciplinary cooperation were instrumental in Fidelity's decision to join IPP. We look forward to many opportunities for research collaboration, recruitment and greater visibility for Fidelity in the Department.