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Brown has just announced that CS's Andy van Dam has been named Vice President for Research. This is a new position at Brown, and we're heartened and extremely pleased that Andy'll be the one to start it off. We're even more pleased that, in spite of this new position, Andy will ...

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Computer Science Professor Andries van Dam will address the undergraduate Class of 2006 and entering graduate and medical students during Opening Convocation Tuesday, Sept. 3, 2002, on The College Green. Van Dam, who co-founded Brown's Department of Computer Science in 1978, will deliver an address that alludes to a Yogi Berra line, "The ...

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We write to welcome to the CS Department -- and to Brown -- Anna Lysyanskaya, this year's new Assistant Professor. She comes to us with a fresh-minted Ph.D. from MIT, where she also got a Master's; her Ph.D. thesis advisor was Ronald Rivest, and her topic "Using cryptography to ensure privacy."  She received ...

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Brown CS hit it pretty big in Monday's New York Times business section: three of the eight people quoted in the front-page article `Technology Climate is Gloomy, but Its Future Still Seems Bright' are Brown CSers.

Seema Ramchandani Sc.B. '02 got the best ink: she's both quoted -- saying, among other things, that ...

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Seven people from this department received PhD degrees at last month's graduation ceremonies. They are:

Michael Benjamin, `Interval Programming: A Multi-Objective Optimization Model for Motion Planning in Autonomous Vehicles' (advisor: Leslie Kaelbling). Mike is now a post-doctoral associate in the Department of Ocean Engineering at MIT.

Stina Bridgeman, `Techniques and Tools for Graph Drawing ...

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We're delighted to announce that, with Tom Dean stepping down, Eli Upfal has agreed to take over as Chair of this department effective July 1, 2002. Eli joined the department in 1997 from the Weizmann Institute and IBM Almaden Research Center.

As Chair since 1997, Tom's contributions to the department have been incalculable ...

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The Computing Research Association (CRA) has selected Andries van Dam as the winner of its 2002 Distinguished Service Award for his outstanding leadership in the computing field, both within his subdiscipline and within computing as a whole. The award will be presented on July 15 at the CRA Conference at Snowbird. Congratulations to Andy for ...

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The National Science Foundation has awarded a five-year` CAREER grant to Amy Greenwald of this department. CAREER grants are, NSF says, their `most prestigious awards for new faculty members' to `recognize and support the early career-development activities of those teacher-scholars who are most likely to become the academic leaders of the 21st century. CAREER awardees ...

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Andy van Dam Receives Teaching Award

Andy van Dam is among the three recipients of the 2001 Harriet W. Sheridan Award for Distinguished Contribution to Teaching and Learning. The others to receive the award are Sheila Bonde, of the History of Art and Architecture Department, and James McIlwaine, of Biomed Neuroscience.

An article in the ...

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