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Biologists will be able to reconstruct the process of evolution, determine relationships between species and build phylogenetic trees with greater accuracy thanks to a new method for identifying “microinversions,” which are extremely short strings of inverted nucleotides. This new work from researchers at UC San Diego and Brown University appeared in the online edition ...

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Professor Roberto Tamassia has been named the 2006 Technical Achievement Award winner by IEEE’s Computer Society for his pioneering research in the field of graph drawing and for outstanding contributions to the design of graph and geometric algorithms.

The Technical Achievement Award is presented for outstanding and innovative contributions to the fields of computer and ...

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Ph.D. candidate Danfeng Yao received the Best Student Paper Award at the Eighth International Conference on Information and Communications Security (ICICS '06) for her paper titled, "Point-Based Trust: Define How Much Privacy Is Worth." The work was in collaboration with her advisor Roberto Tamassia, Keith Frikken at Miami University, and Mikhail Atallah ...

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Professor Maurice Herlihy was awarded a $75,000 Microsoft gift for research in Software Transactional Memory. Herlihy will use the gift to continue development of SXM, a C# software transactional memory package he developed while on sabbatical at Microsoft Research Cambridge. Transactional memory is an alternative computational model in which threads synchronize by optimistic transactions ...

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After identifying 23,300 genes made from 814 million letters of DNA code taken from Strongylocentrotus purpuratus, the California purple urchin, an international science team has found that humans share 7,077 genes with urchins. Results from the sequencing project are published in a special six-article section of Science.

Sorin Istrail, professor of computer science ...

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Undergraduate students Daniel Leventhal and Leo Meyerovich have received Honorable Mention awards from the Computing Research Association (CRA). CRA's Outstanding Undergraduate Awards program recognizes undergraduate students who show outstanding research potential in an area of computing research. The award committee looks for demonstrated excellence of computing research ability and also considers the student’s academic ...

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