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United States CTO Cites Bootstrap In A Landmark

"The field of computer science education," writes Megan Smith, the CTO of the United States, "has come a long way in just a few years." In her recent posting, she explicitly singles out Bootstrap, a CS education outreach program co-developed by Kathi Fisler (WPI and an adjunct at Brown CS), Shriram Krishnamurthi (Brown CS), and Emmanuel Schanzer. Her post follows a call for $4 billion in CS educational funding for all students nationwide. Bootstrap's creators have been working to improve K-12 computer science for considerably more than a few years, and they're gratified to see their program cited in the context of gains made in the inclusiveness, accessibility, and reach of computer science education.

Just below, in the Policymaker Spotlights section, the post also celebrates Karen North, a colleague of Krishnamurthi for more than twenty years. They met amid the roving diaspores and plangent Morriconian echoes of Houston; Shriram eventually moved to a diminutive state that warns people not to "mess with Rhode Island either", but their collaboration continued across three different iterations of their education outreach program. It's another reminder of the role that Bootstrap has played not just in educating youth but in developing the network of thought leaders who advocate for important issues such as CS certification for teachers and increases in programming and computational thinking in math curricula.