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Anna Lysyanskaya Comments On The Apple/FBI Controversy In The San Francisco Chronicle And Yahoo News

"Apple is saying: ‘We could break into our system, but doing so is wrong because that would create a backdoor.’ But that’s a completely different type of issue," says Professor Anna Lysyanskaya of Brown University's Department of Computer Science. "Apple already has a backdoor."

Interviewed by both the San Francisco Chronicle and Yahoo News this week, she provides some of her most pointed comments to date on Apple's refusal to comply with an FBI order to break into the phone owned by one of the perpetrators of last year's San Bernardino massacre. Once again, she sets aside rhetoric from both sides to explain a simple fact: Apple is already able to bypass passcodes, meaning that a "backdoor" already exists. 

The full Yahoo News article is available here.

The San Francisco Chronicle article (digital subscription required) is available here.

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