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Recent Accomplishments By Brown CS Faculty

Recently, members of the Brown CS faculty have made historic contributions to global cybersecurity and nuclear non-proliferation, launched a world-class virtual reality environment, played a major role in the expansion of K-12 computer science education, and received honors from sources as diverse as Wired UK's "Women Who Changed Science In 2015" and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

These are just a handful of stories from only recent years (visit CS News and CS Blog for others). Click any link below to read the full article.   


Upfal, Binnig, Kraska, Van Dam Win A $3.1M DARPA Grant To Build New Data Exploration Software

Stefanie Tellex Wins A CAREER Award For Robots That Help People

Tim Kraska Is The Winner Of The University-Wide Early Career Research Achievement Award

Maurice Herlihy Is The Winner Of The University-Wide Research Innovation Award

Brown CS Announces Major Achievements In Data Science

Rodrigo Fonseca And Collaborators Win An NSDI Test Of Time Award

Bootstrap Brings The Next Generation The Data Science They'll Need

Caroline Klivans Disproves A 35-Year-Old Conjecture

Shriram Krishnamurthi Will Receive An Honorary Doctorate From Università Della Svizzera Italiana

Tellex, Rosen, And Whitney Use Social Feedback To Help Robots Fetch Objects Intelligently

Peter Wegner Receives A Recognition Award For His Work With The Faculty Bulletin

Celebrating 25 Years Of Michael Littman's Contribution To The First Email Attachment

Theophilus Benson Joins Brown CS As Assistant Professor

Tim Kraska Receives A Sloan Research Fellowship

Brown CS Faculty Earn Sloan Fellowships Four Years In A Row, For A Total Of Eight

Jeff Huang Finds Out How Gamers Get Good

Kathi Fisler Has Been Appointed Professor (Research) And Associate Director Of The Undergraduate Program

Daniel Ritchie Joins Brown CS As Assistant Professor

Ian Gonsher, Jeff Huang, And Stefanie Tellex Win OVPR Seed Awards

Eli Upfal Receives The President's Award For Excellence In Faculty Governance

Pedro Felzenszwalb And Alum David Blei Talk About AI With The ACM

Michael Littman Chats With Neil deGrasse Tyson About AI And Society

Krishnamurthi And Quay-de la Vallee Look At App Store Insecurity In Fast Company

Stefanie Tellex And Baxter Provide Local Kids With A Glimpse Of The Future Of Robotics

Sherief Reda Has Been Named One Of 11 RI Innovators


Congressional Quarterly Roll Call Documents John Savage's Contribution To A Historic International Cybersecurity Agreement

Maurice Herlihy And Eli Upfal Are Appointed To Named Chairs

Where Meter Meets Mainframe: An Early Experiment Teaching Poetry With Computers

Paul Valiant Wins A Hazeltine Citation For Excellence In Teaching, Guidance, And Support

Bootstrap Plays A Key Role In CS4RI Expansion Of CS Education In Rhode Island

Seny Kamara Joins Brown CS As Associate Professor

Jeff Huang Wins An NSF CAREER Award For Modeling User Touch And Motion Behaviors For Adaptive Interfaces In Mobile Devices

Stefanie Tellex Receives A Sloan Fellowship

BDH Praises Bootstrap's Contribution To Improving CS's Accessibility And Diversity

Bootstrap Plays A Role In White House CS Education Initiative

Stefanie Tellex Named One Of Wired UK's Women Who Changed Science In 2015


Stefanie Tellex And John Oberlin's Award-Winning Video Earns Brown CS A New Baxter Robot

Anna Lysyanskaya Reelected An International Association For Cryptologic Research Director

Kraska, Binnig, Cetintemel, And Upfal Contribute To Northeast Big Data Innovation Hub

Touch Art Gallery (TAG) Expands Worldwide With A Nobel Museum/Nobel Media Collaboration

Stefanie Tellex Wins A DARPA Young Faculty Award For Research In Human-Robot Communication

Erik Sudderth And Collaborators Advance Seismic Monitoring And Nuclear Non-Proliferation, Earning A Top Prize In Bayesian Analysis

Mace, Roelke, And Fonseca Win A Best Paper Award At SOSP 2015

Maurice Herlihy Joins Dijkstra, Needham, And Others In The SIGOPS Hall Of Fame

"A New Form Of Computer-Based 'Manuscript', Called A Hypertext": Time Magazine Cites AVD's Pioneering 1974 Work

Stan Zdonik And Co-Authors Win VLDB's 10-Year Best Paper Award

Crotty, Galakatos, Zgraggen, Binnig, And Kraska Win Best Demo At VLDB 2015

Tim Kraska, Andy van Dam, And Carsten Binnig Win A Google Faculty Research Award

Breaking Assumptions: Vasileios Kemerlis Joins Brown CS As Assistant Professor

Michael Littman Named To DARPA ISAT Study Group

"Dazzling": The Boston Globe Attends The Yurt's Launch And Inaugural Symposium

Tim Kraska Wins NSF CAREER And AFOSR Young Investigator Awards

Brown CS Uses Minecraft To Unboggle The Robot Mind

Michael Littman Wins IFAAMAS Influential Paper Award

Philip Klein Wins Radcliffe Institute Fellowship

Visualization And Creativity In Immersive 3D Environments -- From Cave To YURT: May 20-21, 2015

John Savage Appointed To Rhode Island's First Cybersecurity Commission

Nobel Laureates, Scholars To Discuss Computation In The Future Of Their Fields At May 12-15 Symposium

Maurice Herlihy Inducted Into American Academy Of Arts And Sciences

Jeff Huang Wins NSF CRII Grant And Salomon Award

Rodrigo Fonseca Wins NSF CAREER Award

Ugur Cetintemel Wins IEEE Data Engineering (ICDE) 2015 Influential Paper Award

Maurice Herlihy To Join Concurrency Experts At LASER Summer School On Software Engineering

Michael Littman Refutes "Doomsday" AI Fears In Live Science

Eugene Charniak Wins 2015 AAAI Classic Paper Award