Tim Edgar Speaks Out On Behalf Of A Presidential Pardon For Edward Snowden


    This week, the long chain of events following Edward Snowden's 2013 decision to leak classified NSA documents has taken a new turn. In an interview with the Guardian, Snowden has argued that President Obama should pardon him before he leaves office next year.

    Tim Edgar, Academic Director for Law and Policy of Brown University's Executive Master in Cybersecurity program and Senior Fellow at Brown's Watson Institute for International Studies and Public Affairs, agrees. He's signed the ACLU's open letter in support of the idea (fellow signers include Steve Wozniak, Michael Stipe, Bruce Ackerman, and Daniel Radcliffe), and written an article for Lawfare to explain his rationale more fully.

    His reasons, he explains, "are different from those who see Snowden simply as a hero and the NSA as the villain. I have concluded that a pardon for Edward Snowden, even if he does not personally deserve one, is in the broader interests of the nation."

    The full article is available here, and it was also featured at Ars Technica here.

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