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John Savage Gives The Inaugural Graves Distinguished Cyber Security Lecture At The University Of Tulsa

"Cyberspace," writes Professor John Savage of Brown University's Computer Science Department (Brown CS), "is the new environment in which many of us are immersed every day. It puts vast amounts of information at our fingertips and is a new vehicle for communication with friends and families. At the same time it has introduced new hazards....At this juncture there is much that computer scientists and policymakers can do to address the challenges of cyberspace."

Savage expanded on these remarks in an inaugural address, the first lecture of the Sarah and John Graves Cyber Security Distinguished Lecture Series. He was the honored guest of the University of Tulsa, who invited him to speak on October 14, 2016, to launch a series intended to bring leading scholars to the university who can speak about cybersecurity issues in a deep, engaging, and accessible manner.

Less than a week later, on October 20, John leaves for a nine-day trip to Vietnam where he will speak to the country's President and Minister of Education, various governors and presidents of universities, and give the keynote address at the Conference on Solutions for Practice on Global Citizenship Education in Cyber Civil Defense in Dalat.