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Videos Of Talks From Co-Evolution, Celebrating John Savage's First 50 Years At Brown, Are Now Available

When John Savage came to Brown a half-century ago, computing was thought of as a service, not a discipline, and the idea of a Department of Computer Science at Brown was highly controversial.  Few could have predicted the infrastructure necessary today, or the challenges we face in the areas of cryptography, cybereconomics, big data, and many others. One of the founders of Brown CS, John's interests have changed as our field has changed, leading him to contribute to such areas as computational complexity, scientific computation, computational nanotechnology, and cybersecurity policy and technology.  

On Friday, May 26, 2017, we held a special event to celebrate how John Savage and Brown CS have evolved together. Speakers that included Brown University President Christina Paxson, Senator Jack Reed, and several of John's students and colleagues gave research talks and shared personal reminiscences.  

Video recordings of all talks are available here.