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Bootstrap Plays A Role In White House CS Education Initiative
The White House announced today a major nationwide effort to bring computer science education to all students across the country, noting that computer science skills are considered “a new basic skill necessary for economic opportunity and social mobility.” A computer science curriculum developed in part by faculty at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) and Brown University ...

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Going Big: BDH Covers Bootstrap's NSF Grant Aimed At Changing The Way Kids Think About Algebra

Writing in today's Brown Daily Herald, Olivia Katcher documents a critical moment in the growth of Bootstrap, a curriculum that helps middle and high school students learn algebra by creating their own video games. Alongside other co-founders of the program, she interviews Brown CS Professor Shriram Krishnamurthi, who shares his hope that a recent ...

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Bootstrap Math/CS Curriculum Gets $1.5M From NSF

by Kevin Stacey (Science News Writer, Physical Sciences)

A curriculum that helps middle and high school students learn algebra by creating their own video games is getting a $1.5-million boost from the National Science Foundation.

The curriculum, called Bootstrap, is a 10-week classroom module in which each student programs her own working game using ...

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Shriram Krishnamurthi Named A 2015 Quora Top Writer

His readers and followers across a variety of media platforms will be interested to note that Shriram Krishnamurthi has burnished his list of honors with an unusual addition: he's now a Quora Top Writer for 2015. Citing the "consistency, quality, and thoughtfulness" of his posts, he's been recognized for his unique contributions to ...

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Shriram Krishnamurthi Interviewed By MBA Crystal Ball

MBA Crystal Ball recently interviewed Shriram Krishnamurthi, whose wide-ranging comments address professional schools, digital literacy, venture capital, and technology itself. "Real solutions require not just technology," he says, "but also social, political, and other structural changes. Given those other forces, technology can be influential almost everywhere, from education to health to climate change."  The entire ...

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ACM Interviews Shriram Krishnamurthi On Python As An Introductory Programming Language

Writing for Communications of the ACM, Esther Shein has just interviewed Shriram Krishnamurthi among several programming language experts on the subject of Python as an introduction to coding. Going beyond some of the remarks made by his fellow interviewees, Shriram not only offers an analysis of Python's weaknesses (limited support for testing) and strengths ...

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Danaë Metaxa-Kakavouli Selected As Runner-Up For CRA Award

Brown University’s Danaë Metaxa-Kakavouli ‘15 has just been selected as the female runner-up for the Computing Research Association (CRA)’s Outstanding Researcher Award for PhD-granting institutions. Encouraged to compete for the honor by Brown University Computer Science (Brown CS) Professor Anna Lysyanskaya, she was nominated by Brown CS Assistant Professor Jeff Huang and Assistant ...

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White House Cites Bootstrap’s Contribution To Advancing CS Education

Earlier this month, President Obama announced a series of new commitments that will deliver computer science (CS) education to millions of previously unserved K-12 students. In the section of the White House Fact Sheet detailing expansion of CS offerings in New York City, the Office of the Press Secretary mentions Bootstrap, a curriculum and software ...

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ACM Honors Maurice Herlihy On His 60th Birthday

It’s not the number of years, it’s what Brown Computer Science Professor Maurice Herlihy has accomplished during them.

“Transactional memory and combinatorial topology are really, really far apart!” comments his colleague, Professor Shriram Krishnamurthi. “Maurice has had accomplishments that can safely be called career-making in three or four different fields. Someone who had ...

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Imagine a first-year computer science concentrator (let’s call him Luis) e-mailing friends and family back home after a few weeks with Brown Computer Science (BrownCS). Everything he expected to be challenging is even tougher than anticipated: generative recursion, writing specifications instead of implementations, learning how to test his code instead of just writing it ...