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Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 11.17.20 AM.png Brown University and Brown CS benefactor Julie Nguyen has recently passed away, but she leaves behind an amazing story of success and has inspired a new generation of women and underrepresented minorities in CS. Julie immigrated from Vietnam to the US in her late teens and began to study computer science and engineering. After school ...

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The Atlantic Features Brown CS Alum Lyla Fujiwara's Use Of CS In The Peace Corps

"The night before school ended," Brown CS alum Lyla Fujiwara writes of the girl's computer camp that she developed for the Peace Corps in Rwanda, "one of my brightest students talked about how she hadn't been interested in her computer studies, but after my class discovered she had a passion for programming. Others ...

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Ainsworth, Hamburger, Lo, Rosenthal, And Sachs Win Brown CS Senior Prizes

Brown University's Department of Computer Science (Brown CS) has just announced that it will recognize five graduating seniors for their achievements at Commencement in May. Samuel Ainsworth, Allison Hamburger, Sharon Lo, Eli Rosenthal, and Sarah Sachs will each receive the Senior Prize in Computer Science for their academic work as well as their service ...

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Brown CS Has Been Rated The Fifth Most Advanced CS Department In America

For more stories on why Brown CS is so great, check out our Praise for Brown CS page here.

"Brown University’s Computer Science program," writes Best Computer Science Degrees, "is considered one of the best programs in the nation for its innovative research and teaching methods." Using a wide selection of criteria, ranging from ...

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Recent PhD Research: Ryan Cabeen Investigates Tools For Understanding Brain White Matter Using Diffusion MRI

Today, we begin a project to highlight the wide-ranging and innovative research of our PhD students as they approach graduation. Our first contributor, Ryan Cabeen, discusses his work below. He'll be defending his thesis on Monday, April 25, at 10 AM in CIT 241. To see other PhD research overviews, click here

What is ...

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"We want to bring computing to all, but which all do we mean?" ask Kathi FislerShriram Krishnamurthi, and Emmanuel Schanzer, co-directors of Bootstrap, one of the nation's leading computer science literacy programs, in a recent BLOG@CACM post. "There’s one natural interpretation —probably the one imagined by most of the general public ...

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Bootstrap Announces A New STEM Education Model That Combines Computing, Modeling, And Physics

Bootstrap, one of the nation's leading computer science literacy programs, co-directed by Brown CS faculty members Shriram Krishnamurthi and Kathi Fisler (adjunct), continues to extend its reach. Bootstrap has just announced a partnership to use its approach to building systems to teach modeling in physics, an important component of the Next Generation Science Standards ...

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Tom Sgouros Brings The Yurt To Life For GPU Technology Conference Attendees

For more CS News and CS Blog articles about the Yurt, please click here.

Billed as one of the "hottest sessions" of NVIDIA's GPU Technology Conference, the year's largest event for graphics processing unit developers, a presentation by VR Lab Manager Tom Sgouros (brace yourself for a pun) was a uniquely behind-the-scenes look ...

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Brown CS’s new course, csciStartup, is already showing signs of success! This course was aimed towards students with a startup idea they were passionate about pursuing, and csciStartup gave these students the opportunity to work on developing their products with the support of fellow classmates and insight from various local and national entrepreneurs. 

One ...

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National Science Foundation Director Visits Brown

by Kevin Stacey (Science News Officer, Physical Sciences)

For more CS News and CS Blog articles about the Yurt, please click here.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. [Brown University] — National Science Foundation Director France Córdova and U.S. Sen. Jack Reed of Rhode Island joined students, faculty and administrators at Brown on April 8 for a firsthand ...

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