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Life After Brown: Michael Halloran '89

by Michael Halloran ‘89

Although I didn’t graduate with a degree in Computer Science, my studies led to an interesting career that I wanted to share with others to show the impact that CS has had upon my life.

I took my first coding class in 6th grade and though I was mostly self-taught ...

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Applications Are Open For The $10K Pausch Undergraduate Summer Research Award

Click the link that follows for more content on the Randy F. Pausch '82 Computer Science Undergraduate Summer Research Award.

Brown CS is glad to announce that applications are open for the Randy F. Pausch '82 Computer Science Undergraduate Summer Research Award, which provides $10,000 annually to support an undergraduate engaged in an intensive ...

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Lilika Markatou Wins An ISC Best Student Paper Award

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Brown CS PhD student Evangelia Anna (Lilika) Markatou has just won the Best Student Paper Award for her paper “Full Database Reconstruction with Access and Search Pattern Leakage” (coauthored with her advisor, Professor Roberto Tamassia) presented at ...

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Providence Has One Of America's Top 50

Click the link that follows for more news items about why we love calling Providence home.

Just don't tell Yia-Yia that you've been eating someone else's baklava for months...

Local favorite, Aleppo Sweets, was one of 50 nominees for Bon Appétit's "Hot 10: America’s Best New Restaurants of 2019”. Founded ...

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Alum Aimee Lucido Publishes A Novel About Her Two Loves, Coding And Writing

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Brown CS alums are often known for the diversity of their career paths and pursuing multidisciplinary work, and Aimee Lucido is no exception. A former software engineer and continuing crossword puzzle creator (she's been featured five times by The ...

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BAM Asks Two Alums About A Startup Dedicated To Ethical CS

Click the links that follow for stories in the Tech For Social Good Spotlight series and news about our Socially Responsible Computing program.

"Our hope," says Brown CS alum Adi Melamed, "is to spark a national conversation and create a national community dedicated to thinking critically about technology’s impact on society and inspiring students ...

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Sydney Skybetter Asks Computer Scientists To Consider The Choreography Of Surveillant Systems

“You’re going to be in a room someday,” says Sydney Skybetter, Lecturer at Brown’s Department of Theatre Arts and Performance Studies. “Where your colleagues are designing technologies intent on targeting other people’s bodies, with the aim of manipulating them, and potentially causing harm. As a computer scientist, you will have a voice ...

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Brown CS Alum danah boyd Wins An Electronic Frontier Foundation Pioneer Award

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Founded almost thirty years ago, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is one of the leading nonprofit organizations defending civil liberties in the digital world. In 1992, they established their Pioneer Award to recognize leaders on the electronic ...

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Andy van Dam's ACM Hypertext Keynote Will Reflect On A Half-Century Of Hypertext

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"Here we are," said Brown CS Professor Andries "Andy" van Dam in 1987, "and we have to ask, perhaps rhetorically, has hypertext arrived?" He was delivering a keynote address at the first ACM Hypertext Conference ...

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The WSJ Ranks Brown Among The Best Schools In The Nation

Click the links that follow for more news items with high marks for Brown, Brown CS, or Providence.

What makes Brown special? Alum engagement? The diversity of the student body? A love for learning? According to the Wall Street Journal it may very well be all of the above, as its newest college ranking places ...

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