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The Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence recently elevated Pascal Van Hentenryck to Fellow for his "significant contributions to constraint satisfaction and reasoning under uncertainty, the development of the widely used CHIP, Numerica, OPL, and Comet systems, and his pioneering role in the inception of constraint programming and its integration in operations research ...

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Robot Soccer Demonstration

The Brown Robocup Club will be hosting a robot soccer demonstration Tuesday May 9th between 1-4pm in the CIT Lobby. Robocup ( is a world-wide effort to create robots that can win in soccer against the human World Cup Champion. Toward this goal, we will exhibit Sony Aibo robot ...

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Assistant Professor Chad Jenkins, in conjunction with CS196-2, is hosting a series of guest lectures by leading game development professionals. Speakers will discuss the current state of technology for game development and suggest innovative directions for going beyond the state-of-the-art. Topics will include novel user interface paradigms and devices, improving artificial intelligence for non-player characters ...

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Assistant Professors Chad Jenkins and Meinolf Sellmann have been selected to receive one of Brown's highly competitive Salomon Awards. The $30,000 grant will support research projects in time-critical decision making and robot learning from demonstration. Their research in this area will be applied to the robot soccer domain through participation in the Robocup ...

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2004-0909.newfaculty.pngChad Jenkins

Odest Chadwicke (Chad) Jenkins

Assistant Professor of Computer Science

If the blockbuster movie I, Robot accurately portrays a future where human-like robots serve as collaborators and contribute toward the needs of human society, then Odest Chadwicke (Chad) Jenkins, assistant professor of computer science, will help make the future happen. Jenkins' research interests include ...

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Bill Smart (PhD '02) and Cindy Grimm (PhD '96) Make the News

From the October 27, 2002 St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

"Meet Lewis, the world's first robotic photographer, a machine that may take pictures better than you do. The 300-pound, trash-can-sized robot rolls around a room, detects faces and takes photographs based on classic ...