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The process of Brown CS TA hours has improved greatly over the years. With innovations such as Sign Me Up and Google Sheets, students can now sign up electronically and remotely check their place in line. While this is a step ...

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Celebrate With Andy: 50 Years Of CS At Brown

As the department approaches its silver anniversary, Brown CS is making a comprehensive effort to document our early history online and in print. Our themes are the intellectual daring of our academic home, the making of things never before imagined, and the spirit of community that’s guided the entire effort. Throughout, our storytellers will ...

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Brown CS hit it pretty big in Monday's New York Times business section: three of the eight people quoted in the front-page article `Technology Climate is Gloomy, but Its Future Still Seems Bright' are Brown CSers.

Seema Ramchandani Sc.B. '02 got the best ink: she's both quoted -- saying, among other things, that ...

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We're delighted to announce two new undergraduate concentrations: the A.B. and Sc.B in Computer Science-Economics.

Computer Science-Economics A.B.

Interested students may contact concentration advisors in either the Department of Computer Science or the Department of Economics.

Prerequisites: Math 9 and 10 or Math 17. Math 52 or 54. Economics 11.

Required ...