Innovating Game Development Speaker Series

    Assistant Professor Chad Jenkins, in conjunction with CS196-2, is hosting a series of guest lectures by leading game development professionals. Speakers will discuss the current state of technology for game development and suggest innovative directions for going beyond the state-of-the-art. Topics will include novel user interface paradigms and devices, improving artificial intelligence for non-player characters, advanced tools for computer graphics and animation, and new types of games such as robotic entertainment.

    All lectures are open to the public and will begin at 11am in the Lubrano Conference Room, CIT 477. The speaker schedule includes:

    2/22 Al Reed / Demiurge 3/1 Kent Quirk 3/8 Brad Myers / Galactic Village

    3/13 Max McGuire / Iron Lore

    3/15 Dan Conti, Trevor O'Brien, Ian Davis, Debbie Waggenheim / Mad Doc 3/20 Big Huge Games Updated information is available through the course web page: