John Savage Honored with President's Award for Excellence in Faculty Governance


    John Savage was presented with the President's Award for Excellence in Faculty Governance. This award recognizes faculty who have made outstanding contributions to the University through their distinguished service on faculty committees, councils and advisory boards. In addition to John, Professor of Physics Robert Pelcovits and Associate Professor of Sociology Ann Dill were also recognized for their service. Each honoree will receive a research stipend of $2,000. Since his arrival at Brown in 1967, John has worked tirelessly to serve the University. He has served on numerous committees over the years including the following: Faculty Executive Committee (FEC) (Chair, Vice Chair, Past Chair), Faculty Policy Group, the FEC predecessor (Chair, Vice Chair); Task Force on Faculty Governance (Chair); Academic Priorities Committee; Advisory Committee on University Planning (Vice Chair); Faculty Campaign Committee (Chair); Committee on Nominations; Educational Policy Committee (Vice Chair); Campus Planning Committee; Secretary of the Faculty Forum; the President's Senior Staff; Search Committee for VP for Public Affairs and University Relations (Chair); Subcommittee on Organization and Governance of the NEASC Steering Committee (Co-Chair); Planning Committee for the Inauguration of President Ruth Simmons; Working Group on Global Science and Technology; Chair of the Department of Computer Science; Computer Science Curriculum Committee (Chair); Computer Science Industrial Partners Program (Founder and Director); and Faculty Club Board of Governors (President). “I've enjoyed my service to the University and the Department,” said John. “The Faculty is a self-managed community that requires the willing and effective participation of large numbers of faculty members to be successful. I've been pleased to participate in this process.”