Barb Meier Receives Philip J. Bray Award for Teaching Excellence in the Physical Sciences


    Barb Meier

    Barb Meier has been selected to receive the Philip J. Bray Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching in the Physical Sciences. The award will be presented to Barb at the Teaching Awards Ceremony on May 6, 4pm-6pm, in Pembroke 305. In addition to the recognition of her achievements, Barb will receive a professional development fund of $3,000 for each of two years.

    The Faculty Teaching Excellence Awards recognize Brown faculty members for sustained and continued excellence in undergraduate teaching. Awards are made in each of the four major areas of the curriculum: humanities, life, physical and social sciences. The awards are named for past faculty members recognized for their teaching achievements: John Rowe Workman (Humanities), Elizabeth LeDuc (Life Sciences), Philip J. Bray (Physical Sciences), and William G. McLoughlin (Social Sciences).

    “I couldn't be more thrilled to receive the Bray Award, but the real honor goes to my smart, dedicated, and industrious animation students who go to infinity and beyond again and again. Their humor, enthusiasm, and enduring friendships inspire me to explore new ways to share my passion. I'm grateful to the Computer Science Department for taking the risk to support my work at the ever-growing intersection of art and science, and to Brown for their recognition of my teaching practice with this award,” said Barb.