csciStartup Students Develop A Solution To The Horrors Of Parking In Providence With Their New App “Spotter”

    Brown CS’s new course, csciStartup, is already showing signs of success! This course was aimed towards students with a startup idea they were passionate about pursuing, and csciStartup gave these students the opportunity to work on developing their products with the support of fellow classmates and insight from various local and national entrepreneurs. 

    One of these student teams has been getting a lot of local attention by NBC Channel 10 and Providence Business News thanks to their app creation, Spotter, which is set to launch in a few weeks. The co-founders, Albie Brown, John Bui, and Nick DeMarco saw a problem with the stress of finding a place to park in Providence and went about finding an innovative solution to fix it. “Our goal is to make parking, which is something that can become the worst part of your day, into something that is hassle free and even a little bit fun,” says co-founder Albie. “We are very excited to deliver one-click parking to the residents of Providence!”  

    Spotter helps users generate money from their unused parking spaces, and increases the amount of parking available throughout the city. It matches up individuals in need of fast and convenient parking with an owner's private space or driveway.

    csciStartup has given us a platform to discuss ideas in a free and open environment with like-minded students who are both critical and supportive when needed,” says Albie. “It has been a great experience seeing how inspired and serious students have gotten about their ideas as the course had progressed.”

    To learn more about Spotter or to rent out your own parking space, email or check out their website here.

    For more information, click the link that follows to contact Brown CS Communications Outreach Specialist Jesse C. Polhemus