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Foteini Baldimtsi PhD '14 Joins George Mason University As Assistant Professor

Starting in September, 2016, Brown CS graduate Foteini Baldimtsi ScM ’11 PhD ’14 will join George Mason University as an assistant professor of computer science. As one of two new hires specializing in cryptography, she is thrilled to be building a new crypto team.


“I am super excited,” she says. “The CS department [at George Mason] has a well-established systems/network security group which means great opportunities for collaborations for a cryptographer like myself. At the same time, the D.C. area has become a very lively place for crypto and security research given many recent hires in the field.” It’s also a great place for recent Brown grads: Foteini is joining Babis Papamanthou ScM ’07 PhD ’11, a Brown CS alumnus serving as assistant professor at the nearby University of Maryland, as part of a growing network of Brown alumni in the greater D.C. area. “I am very enthusiastic to reunite and collaborate [with him],” she says.


Until she begins next fall, Foteini will maintain her current position as a postdoctoral researcher with the BU Security group at Boston University, where she explores concepts in electronic payments and anonymous authentication. At the moment, she is focused on the intersection of traditional cryptographic e-cash and modern cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, which she has blogged about on the Brown CS page. Her post can be found here. She will also be spending some time doing research at the University of Athens, “enjoying the postdoc life for a bit longer.”