Our Inaugural Research Open House Attracts Over 100 Undergraduates


    by Luke Camery, Meta-URA

    The inaugural Brown CS Research Open House brought together eleven faculty members and over one hundred undergrads to demo projects, discuss the latest research innovations, and form partnerships that will shape their careers. Students flooded the Robotics Lab to start the evening's journey that would take them through every floor of the CIT and offer insights into every CS sub-field from graphics to security. Each professor presented their work in their own style. James Tompkin brought a curated demo reel while Stefanie Tellex let her robots do the talking. Some professors, like Eugene Charniak, let students that already do research in their labs present on their behalf.


    The Research Open House was both a showcase of the already vibrant undergraduate research scene in the department as well as an opportunity for new students to find projects. Within hours of the event, Jeff Huang had already received emails from students eager to join his lab, "one of whom didn't even attend the event, but heard about the open house, and then looked online for research opportunities." Many of the students who attended reported being excited by the opportunity because approaching a professor about doing research can be intimidating.

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