Michael Littman Has Been Named An AAAS Leshner Fellow


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Brown CS Professor Michael Littman has just been named a Leshner Fellow focusing on Artificial Intelligence by the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Each year, the AAAS selects leaders from disciplines at the forefront of important science-society issues, recognizing them for their contributions and commitment to public engagement in the field. Fellows are provided with the opportunity to convene for a week of intensive public-engagement and science-communication collaboration with the rest of the cohort, with the goal of increasing public engagement and enacting institutional change during the fellowship year. 

“I am most interested in helping people whose lives are being impacted by computing technology,” Michael explains, “to understand how that technology works and how we can best enhance its ability to empower us while minimizing its risks.” As a founding member of “AI Hub” (an organization with the goal of providing free, high-quality information about AI to the public), and co-host of the monthly podcast “Computing Up”,  Michael continues to be a pioneer in sharing the wonders of AI and computing with the public. 

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