Robert Y. Lewis Co-Founds A New Formalized Mathematics Journal


Brown CS faculty member Robert Y. Lewis has just co-founded the Annals of Formalized Mathematics, a new diamond open-access journal that will publish original articles about formalized mathematics and mathematical applications of proof assistants. Also known as interactive theorem provers, these tools are used to produce formally correct mathematics: users write definitions, theorems, and proofs in a specialized language and receive instant feedback from the computer about each line. Rob will serve as Managing Editor alongside Filippo A. E. Nuccio Mortarino Majno di Capriglio of the Université Jean Monnet Saint-Étienne in France.

Brown CS Earns Four Honors, Including First And Second Place, At The Brown Venture Prize Entrepreneurship Competition


Now in its seventh year, the Brown Venture Prize, given by Brown University’s Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship, awards a total of $50,000 to empower the most advanced entrepreneurial ventures by Brown students. It’s intended to help them accelerate and scale their innovations through funding, critical mentorship, and access to leaders in the Brown entrepreneurial community and beyond. This year, four of the eight honorees, including the first place and second place winners, were teams that included Brown CS students, faculty, or alums.

Brown CS PhD Alum Johannes Novotny And David Laidlaw Receive An IEEE VR Best Paper Award


Held in Orlando, Florida, this week, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Virtual Reality conference (IEEE VR) is widely considered the premier international venue for the presentation of research results in the broad area of virtual reality (VR). The event’s Best Paper Awards are given to approximately the top 1% of total submissions, and new work, “Evaluating Text Reading Speed in VR Scenes and 3D Particle Visualizations”, from Brown CS alum Johannes Novotny and faculty member David Laidlaw, his doctoral advisor, is one of just six winners.

Brown CS Student Sabrina Chwalek Worked To Reduce Nuclear And Biological Threats In Her Recent Internship


A member of the current Brown CS graduating class, Sabrina Chwalek participated in the Brown in Washington program last semester, which welcomes talented Brown undergraduate students who want to apply theory to practice in their concentration area to the District of Columbia. She interned at the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI), a nonprofit, nonpartisan global security organization focused on reducing nuclear and biological threats imperiling humanity.

Brown Alumni Monthly Looks At Suresh Venkatasubramanian's New Course, CSCI 1951-Z Fairness In Automated Decision-Making


“Once you you get people on board with the idea that we should do something about making sure our systems are fair and unbiased and accountable, the next obvious question is how do you do that?” says Professor Suresh Venkatasubramanian, who premiered CSCI 1951z, Fairness in Automated Decision-Making, last fall. “This class is really trying to answer that.”

Diverse Career Paths: Brown CS Alum Lisa Gelobter Focuses Her Career On Technology For Equitable Workplaces And “Doing Good”


A member of Brown CS (entered class of 1991, graduated class of 2011), Lisa Gelobter is the CEO and the founder of a tech startup called tEQuitable that uses technology to make workplaces more equitable. tEQuitable’s mission is to help companies create a safe, inclusive and equitable workplace. They provide a confidential sounding board for employees to address and resolve interpersonal conflict, specializing in micro-aggressions and micro-inequities, and they provide data and insights to companies to identify and improve systemic workplace culture issues.

Brown CS PhD Candidate Ji Won Chung Implements A Sleep Regularity Index In A Popular Sleep Tracker


Ji Won Chung, a third-year PhD student advised by Jeff Huang, Brown CS faculty member and researcher in human-computer interaction, has been collaborating with the developers of Sleep as Android, a popular sleep tracking app that supports vibration on alarms, anti-snoring measures, and lucid dreaming cues. Ji Won’s research focused on writing code to implement a scientifically-evaluated sleep regularity index (SRI), which is now being incorporated into the app itself, and is expected to impact the sleep patterns of millions of people worldwide.


Nora Ayanian Will Present Swarming Drones At SXSW 2024

Brown Engineering and Computer Science Associate Professor Nora Ayanian will present at the 2024 SXSW Conference, held March 8-12. SXSW provides an opportunity for the global community of digital creatives to encounter cutting-edge ideas, discover new interests, and network with other professionals who share a similar appetite for forward-focused experiences, and the 2050 track where Ayanian’s presentation falls showcases long-range, big-picture thinking, with topics that range from nanotech breakthroughs and interplanetary expeditions to life-extension research and novel applications of scientific discoveries.