Brown CS Reaffirms Its Commitment To The UTA Program And Upholds A Free Election On Union Representation

    As the March 2 election on the UTA union representation is approaching, the CS Department would like to express its steadfast commitment to fostering an environment that is inclusive and respectful of individual opinions. We invite all voters to seek information and engage in dialogue before casting their ballots. We also encourage all stakeholders in the election outcome, including the broader group of our students and alums, to share their own experiences with the UTA program and express their personal opinions on its future direction.

    The Department will fully respect the choice made in the election. Regardless of whether a union will represent the CS UTAs, the department reaffirms its strong commitment to the success of the UTA program, which plays an essential role in our concentrations and represents for many of our students and UTAs the highlight of their time at Brown.

    We heard from many students, UTAs, and alums that the most rewarding and valuable aspect of the UTA experience is to share knowledge and help other students. Our UTA program is over 50 years old and over time, we have always strived to preserve the quality of the UTA experience, taking into account feedback from all the CS community members. As part of this continuous improvement process, and in view of our large course enrollments, we are creating several new staff positions to assist in the administrative aspects of courses, the development of lab infrastructure and software for course projects, and enhanced audio-visual support for online and hybrid courses. We plan to hire these new staff members before the start of the fall semester so our UTAs will have more time to do what they enjoy the most: help other students and gain deeper knowledge in the process.