Articles by Rujul Singh

Kai Wang Wins An Adobe Research Fellowship


Brown CS PhD student Kai Wang has just received an Adobe Research Fellowship for his research in automating design of structures and layouts. His work currently centers on bridging computer graphics and machine learning to create data-driven algorithms to achieve this automation. The Adobe Research Fellowship program was created to recognize …

R. Iris Bahar Delivers A Keynote Address At The International Green And Sustainable Computing Conference


“Energy efficiency is now a critically important design constraint for most computing systems today,” says Professor R. Iris Bahar of Brown CS, “and as applications become more and more memory- and compute-intensive, energy-efficiency and reliability become harder to manage.”In a recent keynote address (“Energy-efficient and Sustainable Computing Across the Hardware/Software …

Jiwon Choe Wins The Memsys Best Student Presentation Award


Brown CS PhD student Jiwon Choe has just won the Best Student Presentation Award for her presentation “Attacking Memory-Hard Scrypt with Near-Data-Processing” (co-authored with Brown CS Professors Maurice Herlihy and R. Iris Bahar and Boston University Professor Tali Moreshet) at the International Symposium on Memory Systems (MEMSYS ‘19). Held recently …

David Laidlaw Has Been Named To The IEEE Visualization Academy


The IEEE VIS Conference is an annual conference held by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and is regarded as the foremost gathering of researchers focused on scientific visualization, information visualization, and visual analytics. This year, the conference’s Visualization Academy Selection Committee has announced that Professor David Laidlaw of  …

Brown CS Alums Jacob Beck And Zoe Papakipos Have Been Published In New Scientist For Work On Autonomous Driving


In the current day and age, self-driving cars are perhaps one of the most promising technologies on the horizon. With the potential to dramatically improve traffic planning, fuel efficiency, and productivity, it’s easy to understand the excitement surrounding this innovation. One of the largest challenges facing the field, however, is …