Amy Greenwald Keynotes The First Israelis And Rhode Islanders Changing The World Through AI Conference

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Late last month, the Rhode Island Israel Collaborative (RIIC), in partnership with Brown’s Division of Applied Mathematics and Brown CS, held the inaugural Israelis and Rhode Islanders Changing the World Through AI conference. Focused on the accelerating development of artificial intelligence, it brought together thought leaders from Israel and Rhode Island to discuss the latest innovations and trends in the field. Brown CS Professor Amy Greenwald gave one keynote; her Israeli counterpart was Professor Regina Barzilay of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

In her keynote, Amy discussed her academic connections to Israel and then explained how AI technologies can be leveraged to solve games, in the sense of game theory. These games, Greenwald said, can model a variety of problems, such as a system of self-driving cars all trying to reach their respective destinations as efficiently and safely as possible. 

Amy's research focuses on game-theoretic and economic interactions among computational agents, applied to areas like autonomous bidding in wireless spectrum auctions and ad exchanges. She recently moderated an AAAI Panel, “Advancing AI By Playing Games”, and received four awards across two years at The International Automated Negotiation Agents Competition’s (ANAC) Supply Chain Management League, including the BIRD Innovation Award. Her most recent keynote address was at last year's IBM/DIMACS Workshop on Bridging Game Theory and Machine Learning for Multi-party Decision Making.

A news item describing the event in its entirety can be found on the RIIC website

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