60 Minutes Asks Ellie Pavlick About ChatGPT And Large Language Model Bias

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60 Minutes, America’s oldest and most-watched television newsmagazine, turned their attention this week to some of the problems surrounding ChatGPT, a new artificial intelligence chatbot that’s been trained with massive amounts of internet text. For expert commentary, they chose Ellie Pavlick, Manning Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Brown University

“It gets a lot of things right,” Ellie says, attempting a few queries with journalist Leslie Stahl that produce mixed results. “It gets a lot of things wrong.” 

“Ellie’s appearance on 60 Minutes epitomizes our faculty’s leadership and visibility in fields that have major societal impact,” added Department Chair Roberto Tamassia. “CS at Brown is committed to investigating and teaching responsible computing.”

The entire segment is available here, and the interview with Ellie begins at approximately 5:39.

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