Brown CS Student Michael Foiani Will Receive A Joslin Award

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Brown University's Department of Computer Science has just announced that Michael Foiani, a concentrator in computer science and physics, will receive Brown's Alfred H. Joslin Award. The Joslin Awards recognize a small group of seniors who have contributed in a very significant way to the quality of student life at Brown. Award winners generally demonstrate a wide breadth of involvement during their campus years as well as substantial depth in one or more areas. Through their leadership and involvement, they have not only enhanced their own liberal education, they have also provided services, programs and other opportunities for involvement to their peers, thus enhancing the learning environment for all students.

"Michael single-handedly revitalized our Departmental Undergaraduate Group," says Associate Professor (Research) and Vice Chair Tom Doeppner, "organized a number of social and academic events for our students, and was the one student I could always depend upon for meeting with prospective students and acting as a representative for all our students. In addition to this amazing service to the department, he also completed both an ScB in CS with honors and an AB in Physics."

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