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Brown CS, DSI, And CNTR Receive A Grant To Reimagine Socially Responsible Computing Education For Students From High School Through College


Now in its fifth year, the Socially Responsible Computing (SRC) program at Brown CS, which helps aspiring technologists keep individual and societal interests at the forefront of their work, has received some significant new support: a grant from the Public Interest Technology University Network (PIT-UN) that will promote curricular changes with wide-ranging implications for CS education. Directed by lead investigators Kathi Fisler and Julia Netter, both Brown CS faculty members, the grant will be managed jointly by Brown CS, Brown’s Data Science Institute, and Brown’s Center for Technological Responsibility, Reimagination, and Redesign (CNTR). PIT-UN is a partnership of 63 colleges …

Anna Lysyanskaya Receives A Peter G. Peterson Foundation Pandemic Response Policy Research Fund Award


This year, the Peter G. Peterson Foundation Pandemic Response Policy Research Fund is providing $226,536 to support four Brown University research projects that will help policymakers, health officials, educators, and community leaders understand and address critical lessons learned from COVID-19. One of them (“Privacy-Preserving Digital Health Certificates”), led by Brown CS faculty member Anna Lysyanskaya, will explore using privacy-preserving authentication algorithms in digital vaccine credentials.

George Konidaris Cofounds Lelapa AI To Develop Homegrown African AI

Last month, Brown CS faculty member George Konidaris joined with five other artificial intelligence thought leaders in his home country of South Africa to found a commercial AI lab that may be the first of its kind: Lelapa AI. Lelapa's goal is to reverse the brain drain by enticing African AI researchers to return to the continent, and to use their talents to produce socially-grounded, Africa-centric AI for the benefit of the global south, which contains more than 85% of the world's population. Lelapa is built on three primary intentions: wisdom (in particular, Africa's niche skills in resource efficiency), family …

Kathi Fisler Talks Socially Responsible Computing At The Inaugural Embedded Ethics Conference


Last week, Brown CS faculty member Kathi Fisler was an invited panelist at Stanford University's inaugural Embedded Ethics Conference, which offered broad discussions applicable to creating effective ethics education programs, covering the full life cycle of program creation, development, and implementation. Panelists from different universities addressed creating new ethics initiatives and how to structure a successful program once this is done, while instructors presented live teaching demonstrations and ethics curricula.

60 Minutes Asks Ellie Pavlick About ChatGPT And Large Language Model Bias

60 Minutes, America’s oldest and most-watched television newsmagazine, turned their attention this week to some of the problems surrounding ChatGPT, a new artificial intelligence chatbot that’s been trained with massive amounts of internet text. For expert commentary, they chose Ellie Pavlick, Manning Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Brown University.